MentalRiskES - Eating disorders detection - simple regression

Given a set of Telegram messages, determine the probability that the  author is suffering from an eating disorder. 

Alba María Mármol-Romero, Adrián Moreno-Muñoz, Flor Miriam Plaza-del-Arco, María Dolores Molina-González, Maria Teresa Martín-Valdivia, Luis Alfonso Ureña-López, Arturo Montejo-Raéz (2023) Overview of MentalRiskES at IberLEF 2023: Early Detection of Mental Disorders Risk in Spanish. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, Revista nº 71, septiembre de 2023, pp. 329-35

Task results

System RMSE
CIMAT-NLP-0 0.2740
CIMAT-NLP-GTO-1 0.1920
UPM-0 0.3240
CIMAT-NLP-GTO-2 0.2000
UPM-1 0.3240
CIMAT-NLP-1 0.2290
I2C-UHU-0 0.2400
PLN-CMM-0 0.2440
UMUTeam-1 0.2550
UMUTeam-0 0.2570

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