MEDDOPLACE: Location Entity Classification

The tasks aims at classifying the location entities (that is, GPE, GEO and FAC entities) into four different classes of clinical relevance: (a) the patient’s place of origin; (b) the patient’s place of residence; (c) a place where the patient has travelled to or from; (d) a place where the patient has received medical attention. Only one label is possible for each annotation.

Salvador Lima-López,, Eulàlia Farré-Maduell, Vicent Briva-Iglesias, Luis Gasco-Sanchez, Martin Krallinger (2023) MEDDOPLACE Shared Task overview: recognition, normalization and classification of locations and patient movement in clinical texts. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, Revista nº 71, septiembre de 2023, pp. 301-311.

Task results

System MicroF1
NLP_URJC 0.3200
SINAI 0.7600

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